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The Grid Hack Launches!

Updated: May 31, 2022

Hello World,

I am super excited to welcome you to the new home of SAM.IAM.ART……

Why this change? It’s for a couple of reasons, but the main one is this brand isn’t just about me. It’s about creating an art brand that can empower creators to push the boundaries of audience-based experiences. I could not accomplish my first experience alone, and I know I cant do the rest alone. Brand of Experience is an enterprise of artists, each with their passions and skills. Ask time goes on these artists will shape and shift this new Brand.

With the launch of Brand Of Experience comes something even more exciting! The new and improved first experience:

The Grid Hack: An Outdoor Experience

This experience is the culmination of almost two years of work and countless artists dedicated to believing in a crazy idea I had at the start of the pandemic. From the beginning of this process, two things have driven me in how this project formed.

Firstly is fun.

This experience needs to be a joy to play and be a part of. Not only did it need to be for the user, but it’s how I approached the project with the actors and artists. I knew the project would fall flat without the ability always to be entertaining, and I hope you experience it when you play.

Secondly is the audience character relationship.

This is like the secret sauces on a burger. Without putting the user at the story's center, the experience would fall flat. There would be no agency for you to want to complete anything. While you know you are not saving NYC, I want every part of the journey to make you feel like you are trying too and that’s the characters are trying to push you before that nonexistent time runs out!

With these two driving forces, I have helped shape The Grid Hack along with input from everyone else along the journey. This project/brand may be a passion project to me, but you taking the time to experience it means the world to me, and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

This is the start of my new brand. There is a lot more to come. It will start off slowly, but I promise it will grow and create some pretty awesome adventures. Stay tuned.

Lastly thanks for all who helped make this happen. This would not be possible without you.

Shannon, Olivia, Caleb, Landon, Emilia, John, Josh, Kate, Candice, Giuliana, Ousamma, my mom and dad, and many more all made this possible.

I can’t thank them enough.



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